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what municipal websites could be

Like other governments, local governments are often too comfortable with the “press release” mode of interaction with its publics. Gerry McGovern, a customer-service-in-government consultant sums it up: “Too many government websites tell us about the legislation they are enacting. We are victims of a tsunami of policies, procedures and publications in a language that isRead… Read more »

The addiction of Social Media

This is the first blog post of my very own. I am a blogger for the USCG. No – I don’t rescue people in the middle of the perfect storm, or remove thousands of pounds of drugs from entering our country – not directly anyway. 🙂 Most of my blogs are centered around CG Logistics.Read… Read more »

The Mask: How much of yourself do you show at the office?

When I was first asked to blog in the early days of GovLoop, I thought it sounded like fun but wondered what I’d write about every week. After all, being a government employee isn’t really part of my self-identity. It’s just my job. Sure, I enjoy my job well enough and have a strong workRead… Read more »

Musings on Web 2.0 Culture Change

I had the privilege of speaking today at a conference on social media in gov’t hosted by the Potomac Forum. Listening to the other speakers, as often is the case, I heard similar concepts to the ones I use, but put in different ways. I thought I’d share here some of what I distilled. NoneRead… Read more »

Challenges Facing and the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board

By Dennis D. McDonald The new Administration’s web site has gone “live.” The President has a brief introductory video, an initial timeline of events is provided, the public is asked for input on the impacts of current economic conditions via “recovery stories,” and an appeal is made for input to the activities of theRead… Read more »

Rogue Technology Runs Amok @govloop

A recent Lawson/Forrester Report tells us among other things that we must accept “rogue technologies” to stay on top of our business in 2009. I AGREE. Do you feel like a rogue? From the article: 2009 Trends To Watch In Human Resource Management “The following technology and business process-driven trends will be evident in HRMRead… Read more »

Collaborative Working Techniques; are we practising what we preach?

In the industry we like to talk about the transformational potential of the technologies with which we work and the profound way in which they impact individuals the economy and society. When you look at our own practices do we always live up to this challenge ourselves? One area that has intrigued me is theRead… Read more »

Help the Sunlight Foundation– What are your Top Ten 2.0 Tools?

Ellen Miller, co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation had mentioned on Twitter that she loved Tweetdeck and expressed an interest in learning about more 2.0 tools. The Sunlight Foundation whose ultimate goal is to, “… strengthen the relationship between citizens and their elected officials and to foster public trust in Congress” is working hard to bringRead… Read more »

The Death of Web 2.0

Another title for this post COULD be Headlines are misleading… Interesting blog posting indicating that the term Web 2.0 is no longer a “hot buzzword” NOT that functionality of the overall meaning of Web 2.0 is dead… If you are into statistics this would be a blog posting that should be read… Another good reasonRead… Read more »

Social Media Explodes onto Fed 100

Each year, the readers of Federal Computer Week nominate people to win this prestigious award. According to FCW, “The Federal 100 award recognizes individuals in government and industry who made significant contributions to the federal information technology community in 2008.” I’m delighted to say I know many of the winners, and I couldn’t be prouderRead… Read more »