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E-gov Versus Open Gov: The Evolution of E-democracy

One of the first questions I asked myself when familiarizing myself with the Open Government initiative was: “How is the Obama Administration’s Open Government (Open Gov) initiative different from the Bush Administration’s E-government (E-gov) initiative?” There are many people who use the two terms interchangeably but this paper argues that although they are distinct initiativesRead… Read more »

Public Records…Tools to Archive Twitter and Facebook

I have been a social media/networking advocate for the past year. I have really enjoyed seeing all the ways government has opened up and embraced using social M/N tools to enhance their communications with their constituents. However, many governments are still in the beginning stages of figuring out how to use the tools, create aRead… Read more »

What I am thankful for: Recession, Bad Vendors and the flu

While I look back over the last year, I see that some of the things that I am most thankful for would not have happened unless something bad had happened first. Economic Downturn: While the recession has caused many hardships, it has also spurred creativity, innovation and an appreciation of the simpler things in life.Read… Read more »

Why Twitter? Why Now? Why Not?

NASA hosted our first tweet-up at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, corresponding with the STS-129 Space Shuttle launch. Tweeters from around the world attended — from as far away as the UK, Morocco, and New Zealand. We exposed them to speakers who shared their experiences on what it takes to launch a Shuttle toRead… Read more »

Facebook and Twitter Can Endanger Your Security Clearance Health

On the Homeland Security Watch blog earlier today, an article was reposted concerning the use of popular social networking tools and their possible endangering of a professional’s security clearance. Here is my response: Yes, professionals with security clearances have many concerns when it comes to maintaining their clearances. These are professionals who we have entrustedRead… Read more »

Agreeable to Disagreement

Students of leadership may recall a clever quotation from George S. Patton: No one is thinking if everyone is thinking alike. Although disagreements in the workplace can sometimes create emotionally charged situations, thoughtful disagreement can be quite constructive when managed appropriately. Many leaders have found success by not trying to prevent disagreement but rather byRead… Read more »

How to BE a Government Consultant and Use Social Media: A Guide

As “Government 2.0” becomes more and more popular, especially here in the Washington area, there seem to be an increasing number of people calling themselves social media or “Gov 2.0” consultants. As such, I’ve also seen a small increase in the number of people who are only interested in hawking their wares because social mediaRead… Read more »

You Lie 2.0

You Lie 2.0: How disrespect can get you thousands of new friends and a million dollars At first, Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s health-care address looked like a career killer. Members of both parties blasted him for his dramatic breech of decorum, and most Americans, regardless of ideology, reacted with disgust. But theRead… Read more »