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Movie stars! Open Gov the Movie

“Open Gov the Movie” – from Delib from Delib on Vimeo. Pretty cool documentary by my buddy Chris Q of Delib – Here’s what he says below.. Check it out here: We’re launching the documentary today – on the year anniversary of President Obama issuing the Open Government memorandum, giving an insight into theRead… Read more »

New Update to the Open Government Plan Template Now Available

Thanks all for your feedback on the Open Government Plan Template. We have received a bunch of really good comments and kudos from the first release of the template. We have made some changes to incorporate feedback. Additionally, we have saved the Microsoft Project File as PDF and made that available, so there is noRead… Read more »

Sustainable Open Government

The cry for open government is rising and elected officials are delivering. But in the zeal to throw open the doors to the records vault, no one bothered to fully understand the impact except for those of us who actually work for government. But no one wants to hear from us. Politicians only care aboutRead… Read more »

E-gov Versus Open Gov: The Evolution of E-democracy

One of the first questions I asked myself when familiarizing myself with the Open Government initiative was: “How is the Obama Administration’s Open Government (Open Gov) initiative different from the Bush Administration’s E-government (E-gov) initiative?” There are many people who use the two terms interchangeably but this paper argues that although they are distinct initiativesRead… Read more »

Public Records…Tools to Archive Twitter and Facebook

I have been a social media/networking advocate for the past year. I have really enjoyed seeing all the ways government has opened up and embraced using social M/N tools to enhance their communications with their constituents. However, many governments are still in the beginning stages of figuring out how to use the tools, create aRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: White House release open government plans

Federal agencies have four months to become more open, transparent and cooperative with the public’s requests for information, according to new orders issued Tuesday by the White House. The changes deliver a big victory to open government groups have long sought to transform how the government presents and shares information with the general public. OutlinedRead… Read more »

Open Gov Directive Hits the Streets (in an oh so ironic way)

So the White House released the long-awaited Open Government Directive this morning, appropriately accompanied by a live videostream at both the White House site and on FaceBook with Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra, Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and new media director Macon Phillips. With only time for a quick glance through the directive (it wasn’t madeRead… Read more »

Lost Conversations, Lost Decisions, Lost History…

Originally posted on “TalkStandards”, 11th November 2009 There is no debate that standards have always played an important role in the design and delivery of eGovernment systems, since the mid-1990s we have been seeing standards play critical roles in data exchange, authentication and the way that information is ultimately presented back to the user. EarlyRead… Read more »

Transparency – what’s the end?

In an October 9th article in the New Republic, Lawrence Lessig authored an important critique of the transparency movement. Primarily asking the questions – transparency is all fine and good, but what is the end? Lessig’s article and a related article by Jill Lepore in The New Yorker point out that the rush to transparencyRead… Read more »