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Why Measure Your Communications?

by Rick Alcantara My business coach tells his clients to test and measure virtually every aspect of their operations. Communications is no exception. By measuring your marketing efforts you can determine where and how you should spend your communications dollars. Once you have defined your communication objectives you can use research to determine your direction,Read… Read more »

Setting Up a Local Volunteer Water Conservation Plan – Pubic Relations Ideas – By Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow Planning a water conservation public relations program to encourage voluntary reduction in water consumption is not easy. For too long humans in our civilization have taken water for granted, it’s time to wake-up and conserve. When presenting a plan to a municipality you need a good mission statement, but also important areRead… Read more »

Twitter Outreach

We just set up a twitter account ( in hopes of using it as another source of distribution to the press and citizens. So, I’ve been poking around online and discovered a few articles of interest. The Pioneer Press on Twitter Learn about micro blogging and join our reporters in the Twitterverse Twitter usage byRead… Read more »