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Why Feds Don’t Need Rebranding — Part III

Some argue that when it comes to polishing its public image, Feds should follow the rebranding examples of Corporate America. But Federal Government does not need to spend multiple millions of dollars — in our case with taxpayer money, whether real or perceived — to improve its public standing. Unlike the corporate world, we areRead… Read more »

Why Feds Don’t Need Rebranding – Part I

Does the Federal Government need to rebrand itself, as some have recently suggested, due to low public approval, politically-charged rhetoric, and negative stereotypes of Federal employees? I think not. Rather, I stipulate that: 1) Rebranding Feds is unnecessary and inadvisable at this time, and 2) There is no real “crisis” for Feds that warrants aRead… Read more »

Do you speak government?

I wanted to share this post with GovLoopers because it’s relevant to communicating both on behalf of — and to — government agencies. Would love to hear your thoughts: Part of being a good communicator is bridging the legitimacy gap with your audience. If you send a brochure or a blog post to an ArmyRead… Read more »

Social Media and Stress in Communications

Http://LeonardSipes.Com I wrote “Stress and Public Relations” last week and received comments and questions via e-mail, LinkedIn and Twitter. Most debated the reasons for stress in communications but several suggested that social media was a contributing factor. The original article was based on a findings from CareerCast/PR Newser on the ten most stressful jobs. Summary:Read… Read more »

Stress and Public Relations

Http://LeonardSipes.Com Tonya Garcia from PR Newser reports on findings from CareerCast regarding the most ten most stressful jobs. Selected findings: Public relations officers were second on the list. Photojournalists were fourth. Newscasters (television and radio news presenters) ranked as fifth. Advertising Account Executives were sixth. Observation on the PR profession from the article, “This highly-competitiveRead… Read more »

More From the Government Man – What You See (and Hear) is Not Always What You Get

Today’s blog is a little less on humor and more on commentary. Consider it a primer for interpreting some of the political fluff the public will be subject to in this election year. Those who have read my book, Confessions of a Government Man, or listened to my meanderings, know that I have an absoluteRead… Read more »

Is social media really social?

Http://LeonardSipes.Com The debate is whether social media is a conversation or a one way form of communication. I argue that it’s a matter of quality versus quantity. Responding to Comments–Three Cases: I did a presentation on social media before leadership of a federal government agency. There was a point where we discussed the logistics ofRead… Read more »

How Governments Can Expand their Web Strategy with Video & Mobile Reach

Hear how the City of Alexandria is leveraging Granicus technology to take their web strategy to the next level through online video. Justin Thompson, the Communications Content Manager for the City of Alexandria, which was recently recognized for having one of the Top 10 “Digital City” government websites by eRepublic, wrote a great blog postRead… Read more »

How Well Does the PR Industry Promote Itself?

In a world of media overload and convergence everywhere, I wonder which media/PR companies do their own best marketing and outreach? I ran acorss an article on Etrade this morning which is worthy of a read, because all gov agencies have public affairs offices and many may use PR firms to help them with theirRead… Read more »