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Establishing GSA Order Pricing May Become More Complicated

Over the past several years, concern about pricing variability among the same or similar items on different schedule contracts led some agencies to publicly question whether they could rely on rates negotiated by GSA.

Change to GSA Acquisition Rules Eases Burden on Ordering Agencies

Earlier this month, GSA released its latest refreshes to the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) solicitations. While these changes to contract clauses and provisions typically impact contractors most, there were several updates in this round that will positively impact government agencies who purchase off the Schedules and other GSA contract vehicles.

5 Tools for Securing Better Pricing on Your Next GSA Schedule Purchase

If you’re feeling a little gun-shy about using the Schedules, here are five online tools you can use to make sure you secure better pricing on your next GSA purchase.

Work the GSA Schedules Program and Make MORE Money

The GSA is the centralized procurement arm of the federal government, establishing long term contracts with private businesses and agencies to provide billions of dollars of products, professional services, equipment, supplies telecommunications, and IT to federal agencies serving the public. Over 12,000,000 commercial items are made available each year through over 19,000 GSA Schedule contractsRead… Read more »