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Gov Should Resolve to Expand Telework ASAP in New Year

Let’s face it, the Telework Enhancement Act needs to be enhanced. Beefing up the three year-old law is necessary for telework to flourish at all agencies across government. In short, remote work should be standard operating procedure by now for feds deemed eligible by their agencies. That’s why Uncle Sam’s #2 New Year’s resolution shouldRead… Read more »

Bucking Telework at Expense of Good Gov

It should be common knowledge by now that remote work will eventually transform the way government functions on a universal level, whether detractors of telework like it or not. However, the tedious path to government-wide implementation of remote work continues to be painfully and unacceptably slow at too many agencies. The question remains why? GovLoopRead… Read more »

Telework in Trouble? Why Mandatory Implementation is Needed Now…

Telework Week 2013 is just around the corner. Unfortunately, for federal agencies and taxpayers alike, creating a remote work environment has not arrived fast enough government-wide for all eligible employees. Therefore, the following questions merit consideration: 1) Can Uncle Sam get a grip on institutionalizing telework for all eligible employees? 2) Would mandatory and uniformRead… Read more »