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Cultivating a Productive Remote Team

Employers can play a significant role in helping their employees remain productive while facing new challenges and distractions in the way of their capacity to be their most effective work-selves. As an employee who has experienced the benefits of a supportive employer, I’d like to pass on a few strategies that might be helpful to… Read more »

Ready for the Remote Work Revolution?

Call it what you will: telecommuting, remote work, telework, working from home, etc. Regardless of how one labels it the truth remains the same: telework works, period! However, for remote work to be successful employers must make sure such practices are properly applied and implemented with strict standards to ensure employee accountability, high performance andRead… Read more »

Gov Should Resolve to Expand Telework ASAP in New Year

Let’s face it, the Telework Enhancement Act needs to be enhanced. Beefing up the three year-old law is necessary for telework to flourish at all agencies across government. In short, remote work should be standard operating procedure by now for feds deemed eligible by their agencies. That’s why Uncle Sam’s #2 New Year’s resolution shouldRead… Read more »