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Use a Word Cloud to See if You Are Emphasizing the Right Keywords in Your Resume

Word Cloud. You’ve probably seen one but may not have realized what it is. A word cloud is a randomly arranged combination of words or phrases meant to visually represent the words or ideas that are most prominent in a document. The more a phrase or word appears in a document, the larger it willRead… Read more »

Job Search Blunders: How to Fail Your Phone Interview

Direct from the recruiter’s mouth we have these top tips on how to screw up your phone interview. Follow them the next time you’re hoping not to get the job. 1. Call from the office you’re still working at. And be sure to mention how much you hate your current job. Nothing says dedicated employeeRead… Read more »

Your Post-Military Job: What You Can’t (And Can) Take With You

Knowing what you can’t, and can, take with you to your next job is incredibly important, especially when it comes to the military. Whether you realize it or not (I know it’s hard to stay awake through all of those preseparation counseling sessions) there may be restrictions concerning where you can work post military andRead… Read more »

Bullet-Proof Your Defense Industry Resume

Having seen a lot of resumes I’m still surprised by the number of obvious mistakes – lack of spell-checking, all-caps where it shouldn’t be (or should it be anywhere?), incoherent statements. And when it comes to defense industry resumes, far too many people ignore the details and fail to target their resume as they should.Read… Read more »

A Job Search Primer – How to Effectively Find Your Best Options

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist Here we are with a basics of job search review — and it is all on video. As you know, ClearedJobs.n et has its own YouTube channel with lots of great videos from the recruiters who participate in our job fairs as well as from me. AndRead… Read more »

Military Transition: Military Resume Tricks Rant

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Strategist. I recently have begun hearing again that some employment counselors are telling transitioning military folks to omit their military service information and/or titles. Instead they suggest one use words like “major international organization vice-president.” This was a sad trend after the Vietnam war, driven by popular talkRead… Read more »


Pär J. Larsson 846 F Ave Apt C Coronado, CA EDUCATION Master of Science in International Relations National Security Studies Troy State University 2003 (3.9 GPA) Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service International Economics Georgetown University 1996 (3.4 GPA) LANGUAGES Swedish – native speaker, 3/3 English – 2nd language, published writer often used as proofreaderRead… Read more »

Free Resume Assistance for Transitioning Military

Are you transitioning military to civilian in 2011? Or did you transition in 2010 and you’re still seeking employment? Susan Ireland, author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Resume,” wants to help you with your resume and it’s free! If you qualify for Susan’s free resume assistance, she’ll give you a one-month membershipRead… Read more »

Should You Disclose Your Security Clearance?

Within the contracting community, the word on the street is that individuals should mention their clearances on their resumes to be more attractive to potential employers. In the context of the job market, this makes sense: a security clearance automatically makes an employee more valuable. claims that “an established security clearance can increase yourRead… Read more »