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Big Changes: Government or Military Transitioning to Civilian Work

A post from Patra Frame, U.S. Air Force veteran and ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist. If you have spent a long career in the military or government, the change to the civilian world is often even larger than you expect. Week after week I see people who were accomplished pilots, program managers, XO’s, SMEs, — and whoRead… Read more »

Is Your Office Getting a Bit…Cozier?

Office space isn’t what it used to be – many offices and most government agencies are tearing down the walls – literally – and placing workers in increasingly small, and less private, cube space. Is this the trend in your office? Do smaller offices make it easier to collaborate, or just make you more annoyedRead… Read more »

Job Search Blunders: How to Fail Your Phone Interview

Direct from the recruiter’s mouth we have these top tips on how to screw up your phone interview. Follow them the next time you’re hoping not to get the job. 1. Call from the office you’re still working at. And be sure to mention how much you hate your current job. Nothing says dedicated employeeRead… Read more »

Your Post-Military Job: What You Can’t (And Can) Take With You

Knowing what you can’t, and can, take with you to your next job is incredibly important, especially when it comes to the military. Whether you realize it or not (I know it’s hard to stay awake through all of those preseparation counseling sessions) there may be restrictions concerning where you can work post military andRead… Read more »

Bullet-Proof Your Defense Industry Resume

Having seen a lot of resumes I’m still surprised by the number of obvious mistakes – lack of spell-checking, all-caps where it shouldn’t be (or should it be anywhere?), incoherent statements. And when it comes to defense industry resumes, far too many people ignore the details and fail to target their resume as they should.Read… Read more »

What does it take to be an intelligence analyst?

The intelligence community is getting a lot of attention these days. And with President Obama’s announcement of the Afghanistan draw-down timeline, the need for civilian intelligence experts will only increase. Breaking into the “business” can be tough – without prior military experience and a security clearance, it can be difficult to get your foot inRead… Read more »