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TGIF – tips for heading out the door

Follow these tips and you won’t waste time on Monday morning getting your focus back. Another Friday and 99.9% of all employees in America are muttering under their breath or uttering the words to colleagues as they walk through the doors, “Thank God It’s Friday.” We omitted .1% because there are workaholics who thinkRead… Read more »

LGS Inc. Launches The PermitLogix team has combined web management and mapping technologies to bring an easy to use service for all local government development permit and application requirements. We have truly created a product for the Gov. 2.0 era. In 2010, LGS Inc. successfully launched the Local Information Utility Cloud GIS for smallRead… Read more »

Time Is Money

Benjamin Franklin famously said that “time is money.” But does government know how to implement this maxim seriously? Now there is a new study that shows how they can do it! Last week, President Obama signed a memo directing agencies to modernize their construction permitting and review processes in order to: “advance the goal ofRead… Read more »

Is the clock still king?

Writing about remote work yesterday got me thinking about leave policies in general. I’ve read recently about boutique and tech start-ups that have no defined leave policy and it really resonates with me. My assumption is that in many knowledge work oriented professions that if you are smart enough to work there, you are smartRead… Read more »

Incredible Time Management Tools

Time management is critical for local government administrators and managers. During my career in local government I found three tools that helped me retain control of my time. With the New Year here I thought I’d share these tools to see if you can incorporate them for your use. If this article is of valueRead… Read more »

Federal Benefits Become a Fixture in the Fiscal Cliff Debate – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: What do you think of the role of the CIO in your office? Is s/he the tech expert in command of the IT staff or a top executive involved in strategic business decisions (or both)? Is s/he a peer or a subordinate to the CFO? Does the answer to these questionsRead… Read more »

Have an 8% rise in productivity with just a few Microsoft Outlook Tips

If you use Microsoft Outlook, join me for a complimentary webinar: Outlook on Steroids. You’ll learn little known Outlook features that will help you gain at a minimum 5 more minutes of productive time an hour, giving you an 8% rise in productivity. Register your entire team for this Lunch and Learn preview. For anRead… Read more »

Pre-Proposal Conference Offered via Webinar at No Cost to Government Agency

The City of San Diego has issued an RFP for Managed Competition – Landfill Operations. The process requires a mandatory site visit and pre-proposal conference. The City has engaged the services of Green Proposals to manage their pre-proposal conference process via webinar. Green Proposals delivers high-quality online pre-proposal meeting services that quickly bring sizeable timeRead… Read more »

FOSE 2011, plus ECM’s Benefits To Your Agency

Last week as I walked the exhibition hall at FOSE 2011, I was amazed at how much innovation is aimed at making our United States Government (the greatest in the world) even better. I had some great conversations with government employees, consultants, and vendors who are trying hard to make agencies more efficient, more effective-inRead… Read more »