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Former Federal CIO Tony Scott Talks MGT Act, Career Lessons

This Q&A is part of a new GovLoop series called “CIO Conversations.” Throughout 2018 we’ll feature conversational interviews twice a month with current and former federal, state and local chief information officers to get to know the people behind the titles. You’ll learn about the perks and challenges of their job, how they ended upRead… Read more »

IT Modernization Fund Seeks Support to Solve Tech Challenges

For many government agencies, managing the costs of supporting legacy technology and introducing new innovation has been challenging. To ease the financial burden of upgrading IT systems, U.S. Chief Information Officer Tony Scott has proposed the creation of a $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund (ITMF).

Big Changes Are Coming to Federal IT — Are you Ready?

Change isn’t easy, especially when people are involved. It gets even harder when you add to that mix more than $80 billion worth of information technology resources — scattered across multiple program offices, bureaus and departments. That’s how government has operated for decades. But sweeping reforms passed by Congress in December call for an endRead… Read more »

Get Excited about Government in the Cloud!

Is the cloud exciting? If you ask some people—maybe even a lot of people—that question, you might be met with a blank stare (“What is the cloud?”) or a no (“Tech is boring!”). But if you ask Tony Scott, Chief Information Officer of the federal government, you’ll get a very firm “Yes!” At last week’s GovLoopRead… Read more »