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What Goes Around Comes Around – But Better

I regularly receive emails from friends who are concerned because they had received an email informing them of a new type of crime, a grievous social injustice, a rampant computer virus, etc. Perhaps the more excited or agitated something makes us, the more we want to believe it and spread the word (a riff onRead… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” – Thursday 19th March 2009 Edition.

Apologies in advance for missed tweets. @askthepresident our site is is live! #bipart #gov20 #askpres @sairy Check out @AskThePresident #opengov #gov20 @sairy Ask the President is up – #opengov #gov20 #p2 @debategraph @AskThePresident launching today #gov20 #bipart #sgp #rebelleft #tcot #p2 #fem2 #woc #lgbtq @arimelber: WE LAUNCHED @AskThePresident project today! Article:… Read more »

States Using Twitter to Convey Information About Stimulus Spending

I’ve found two states, Colorado and Nebraska, that are tweeting their spending of stimulus money. @CO_recovery @recoverynegov Examples from Nebraska feed: First Recovery Funds Awarded for State Road Improvements: Gov. Dave Heineman today an.. PM Mar 17th from twitterfeed Food Stamp Benefits to Increase in April: Food stamp benefits will increase starting ..… Read more »

Twitter in the Crosshairs – Facebook’s Gambit

Everyone has seen the change, and have debated whether it’s really a rip-off of Twitter’s microblog format. Those of us who have been through the microblogging wars see some other similarities, with the conversational commentary seeming to run more like Pownce and Plurk than the Twitter format of @s and RTs. Regardless, the livestream seemsRead… Read more »

New Food Safety Twitter Channel @USDAFoodSafety

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has launched its first official Twitter channel @USDAFoodSafety ( FSIS will provide food safety education and information to followers. The account will be used to share food safety education materials, provide information on recalls and news releases and will be monitored for any questions from other Twitter users.

The State Perspective of the Social Media Subcouncil

As you may have read on the Social Media Subcouncil’s first blog post and from Jeffrey Levy’s latest post, the Social Media Subcouncil is up and running in public! As a member of the Subcouncil, I’m so excited to start getting some of our draft concepts out to the larger community of government communicators andRead… Read more »

Chris Anderson on “Delivering on the Promise of Gov 2.0”

Chris Anderson, of Wired magazine and “The Long Tail” fame, was the keynote speaker at FOSE this morning. He spoke on “For the People and By the People: Delivering on the Promise of Gov 2.0”. Anderson started off with an interesting example – the infamous Twitter fail whale. Countless users have bemoaned the unreliability ofRead… Read more »

Is Your Representative a #FAIL on Twitter?

from So, there are as many ways to use Twitter as there are users. But I’ll depart from many of my fine friends who state there are no wrong ways. There are plenty. Just take a look at this great hall of “FAIL” fame. Right now, I want to talk about politicians on Twitter.Read… Read more »