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Webby 2016 Government & Civil Innovation Awards

Providing important information to the public is the primary goal of most government websites. Until recently, that often meant large amounts of text, few images, and troves of hard-to-navigate information. However, advancing technology has provided agencies with a way to creatively and inventively share data with citizens without sacrificing the messages they are trying to convey. From cleaner,Read… Read more »

Bridging Cultural Divides with Multi-Lingual Websites

The global reach of the Internet makes it more imperative that communicators from every industry and organizations of all sizes create multi-lingual websites. Meeting your web audience in their language has never been more important. All aspects of translation and localization—from development and design to content creation and project management—are much more manageable these days. Translation Management Software (TMS) coupled with Content ManagementRead… Read more »

Outdoor Lovers Flock to The Nature Conservancy

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and to keep pace we’re always researching trends and noting best practices. “Inbound marketing,” a relatively new marketing approach, is gaining popularity because it is cost effective, efficient, and mutually beneficial to organizations and their audiences. It is about drawing people in through quality content and multi-channel engagement, and moving them steadilyRead… Read more »

Community Websites Empower Your Members

Organizations are harnessing community features, similar to those found in LinkedIn and Facebook, to empower, collaborate, and establish personal connections with their members. By adding community features, organization leaders can offer discussion threads, blogs, groups, resource libraries, and other features that allow members to collaborate and interact. Students, researchers, SMEs, hobbyists, practitioners, professionals, HR managers—any group with shared interests—can allRead… Read more »

Is Your Website Security at Risk?

OmniStudio is often asked if WordPress sites are more vulnerable to security breaches than other content management platforms. With all websites, even those run by Fortune 500 companies, the threat of hacking is ever present, regardless of the platform it’s built within. Professional website design and development firms who use open source platforms, like WordPress orRead… Read more »

Designing for Mobile Friendly and Beyond

On April 21st, Google changed their mobile search algorithm to reward sites that were developed and designed for mobile devices. Mobile-friendly sites will begin climbing the search rankings—surpassing their non-mobile-friendly competition to reach a wider audience. Many organizations may opt for quick fixes and wind up disappointed with their mobile site. A better approach isRead… Read more »