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EXCEL 2012: July 31-Aug. 2, Dallas: Expert Training on EEO, ADR, Diversity Management

15th Annual EEOC EXCEL 2012 Examining Conflicts In Employment Laws (EXCEL) *** July 31 – Aug. 2 *** Dallas – Sheraton Hotel How much do you know about and understand equal employment opportunity (EEO) and diversity/inclusion within the Federal workforce? Do you know how to effectively manage and work with all employees regardless ofRead… Read more »

Telework: Planned, Unplanned, Whatever

Our recent June 29th derecho event, featuring lightening, thunder, rain, wind, trees falling, and power lines failing, has provided yet another opportunity for people in the Washington, DC area to experience what the Federal government calls “unplanned telework.” As it did when our area suffered through snowstorms and earthquakes, the government provided employees with theRead… Read more »

EEO 101: Harassment — Part II

Hopefully, you have never been harassed at work and never will be. But what would you do if such a situation occurred? Would you know where to turn and what steps to take? Do you know your employment rights and the laws protecting you? What constitutes harassment? You probably have a good general idea ofRead… Read more »

EEO 101: Harassment — Part I

When most folks hear about workplace harassment, it’s likley to be sexual harassment because that’s usually the most common and publicized form. The typical scenerio involves a female subordinate being sexually harassed by a male manager/supervisor, and/or co-worker(s). However, harassment is much broader than that of a purely sexual nature. In fact, harassment may takeRead… Read more »

Another Telework Driver: Freezing the Federal Footprint

In line with its mission to ensure the careful use of Federal funds, OMB issued guidance on 5/11/12 to Federal agencies that requires them to make more efficient use of existing government real estate — in effect, “freezing the Federal footprint.” In a roundabout way, this is good news for Telework fans. By requiring agenciesRead… Read more »

Telework: Trust – But Verify

One of the biggest reasons managers give for resisting the implementation of telework policies is that they do not believe that their employees will “really” work when they are not in the office. Those of us who have embraced a more flexible work design may consider this an “attitude adjustment” problem – on the partRead… Read more »

It’s Not Just About Escaping the Office

One reason the word “telework” seems inadequate to describe how we want to change the workplace is that it suggests that our focus is only on how people can be effective when they work at home. But that’s not really what it’s all about. The Workplace of the Future is about people working where, when,Read… Read more »

5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce

I came across an interesting post on headshift by Anne Bartlett-Bragg. 5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce. It struck me as being interesting post. Partly as I have long been a fan of the the antithesis lens. Have you ever noticed that HR types start getting all warm an fuzzy when the prospect of anRead… Read more »

GovBytes: The highs and lows of young feds

Over at GovExec, an article posits that although younger feds start off their government careers with overall satisfaction, their contentment is on a steady decline after a period of three years. The nonprofit Partnership for Public Service this month released a study showing that 75.3 percent of new government workers under the age of 30Read… Read more »

Your Tax Dollars Up in Smoke

The FDA wants you to know that smoking kills. Last month, the agency unveiled it’s latest effort on the war on smoking, a series of graphic cigarette warning labels. Next fall, your pack of Camels will be emblazoned with a photo of blackened lungs or rotting, nicotine-stained teeth, among other stomach-churning images. But there mightRead… Read more »