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5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce

I came across an interesting post on headshift by Anne Bartlett-Bragg. 5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce. It struck me as being interesting post. Partly as I have long been a fan of the the antithesis lens. Have you ever noticed that HR types start getting all warm an fuzzy when the prospect of anRead… Read more »

GovBytes: The highs and lows of young feds

Over at GovExec, an article posits that although younger feds start off their government careers with overall satisfaction, their contentment is on a steady decline after a period of three years. The nonprofit Partnership for Public Service this month released a study showing that 75.3 percent of new government workers under the age of 30Read… Read more »

Your Tax Dollars Up in Smoke

The FDA wants you to know that smoking kills. Last month, the agency unveiled it’s latest effort on the war on smoking, a series of graphic cigarette warning labels. Next fall, your pack of Camels will be emblazoned with a photo of blackened lungs or rotting, nicotine-stained teeth, among other stomach-churning images. But there mightRead… Read more »

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse + Workplace Zombie Alert

What a creative approach to public health. It has it all. Engaging, creative, edgy and powerful. But what about the Zombie Workplace? Get your survival guide here. The idea is the same. Get a kit, Make a Plan, Be prepared. The best advice we can give is stay connected. Tweet away and post any intelligenceRead… Read more »

Did You Telework Today?

Did today’s ice sheet over DC cause you to wish your agency supported teleworking? It’s now encouraged by law, but how do agencies actually get it implemented? The IBM Center has released a new report examining the experiences of four pioneering agencies and what they learned, so you don’t have to! There are enormous benefitsRead… Read more »

Social Networking: Share Your Thoughts, Win Up To $100

My survey represents a chance to express your opinion of how social media tools serve our workplace. All participants can enter a drawing for a $100, $50 and multiple $10 Amazon gift cards!! You can provide the foundation for measurement of social networking concepts as they relate to individual perception of performance. But your responseRead… Read more »

Appropriate Use of Communication Mediums

Approrpriate Use of Communication Mediums at Work Information Greatly Appreciated I have created a chart on the appropriate use of communication mediums in the workplace for my next book Workplace Savvy. Need to validate the information I have already collected. Questions What work situations are appropriate for the use of the following mediums? What doRead… Read more »

Going ROWE: D.C. gov workers worried new mayor will end “results only work environment”

Just posted this morning, the third installment of the new Center for American Progress series, “Going ROWE,” a behind-the-scenes look at how D.C.’s information technology agency is transforming in to a “results only work environment.” This weekly series documents the transformation of a government office into a workplace where employees can work where they want,Read… Read more »

Going ROWE: The Guinea Pigs in the Basement

By Gadi Dechter Associate Director of Government ReformCenter for American Progress This is the second in a series of weekly dispatches from the District of Columbia’s information technology department, which is transforming into a “results-only work environment” where employees can work where they want, when they want—so long as they meet predefined goals. Washington’s 35-year-oldRead… Read more »