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In 7 Words or Less…What’s Your 2015 Prediction?

Wow.  2014 was a great year for government innovation.  We are in the middle of writing our end of year wrap-up guide highlighting 30 great case studies of government innovation from USGS drones to GSA smart building to State of Hawaii’s gamification website. And those are just the ones that made the cut for this guide –… Read more »

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Coming Soon: New GovLoop

Hey GovLoopers- I wanted to let you know that based on all of your awesome input and feedback over the past few years, we have been cooking up some magic and are rolling out a bunch of new updates to the GovLoop platform this upcoming Monday. I’m super excited with the changes we’ve got in… Read more »

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7 Ideas for the U.S. Digital Service

This week it was announced that the U.S. federal government is creating a U.S. Digital Service team led by Mikey Dickerson with a goal to “improve and simplify the digital experience that people and businesses have with their government.” Personally, it’s exciting to hear about the announcement of this division (with some decent staffing from… Read more »

4 Tips for Federal Hiring Managers

Every week I search all the new jobs on USAJOBS and pick the top 10 per category (from HR to IT) for our section (sign up for our weekly emails). After spending a few months perusing and picking the best jobs, I have 4 tips for federal hiring managers on making a good posting:… Read more »


The GovLoop Unofficial Guide to Getting a Federal Job

Approximately once a month, I get an email from a family member or friend that goes something like “My cousin/neighbor/babysitter is really interested in federal jobs. S/he can’t figure out the process. Can you give her some inside guidance?” Whether OPM wants to admit it or not, the process is still way too confusing for… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Time in Washington, D.C.

It’s summertime in D.C. and the energy is great. New internships or fellows have started at exciting internships in Washington, D.C., while many of you who have recently graduated are embarking on your first jobs. Here at GovLoop, we’ve been fortunate enough to have a rotating cast of excellent interns and fellows, so we know… Read more »