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Technical Deep Dive: What it’s like to build at #100MillionCitizens Scale

Originally posted by Torleiv Flatebo, Director of Platform Engineering and Site Reliability on the GovDelivery Blog While GovDelivery is now over 15 years old, we have always been a Software-as-a-Service company priding ourselves in pushing the envelope in terms of cutting edge government software. That said, over the course of the last decade, technology has changedRead… Read more »

What Happens When #100MillionCitizens Sign Up for Digital Government

Originally posted on the GovDelivery Blog by Scott Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of GovDelivery Technology and connectivity hold great promise for improving how government serves the public. Yet, we know that to date, governments have struggled to realize the full potential of that promise. What’s holding back the public sector? One age old problem still hauntsRead… Read more »

Digital Engagement Series Part 6: Engage then Re-engage

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. You have tackled organizational goal setting, audience development, branding, audience acquisition, multi-channel marketing, and next you need to identify areas where you can gain greater awareness and participation to drive value for your organization and the citizens you serve. Audience engagement (and re-engagement) is a leading goal for public-sector communicators. But,Read… Read more »

Digital Engagement Series Part 4: Send Messages That Get Read

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. If you have been reading our blog lately, you have noticed our focus on public engagement through digital marketing. First, we covered how to set organizational goals, then establishing target audiences, and most recently branding. Now, we will unveil step four, sending messages that get read. The proliferation of smartphones,Read… Read more »

Digital Engagement Series Part 3: Build Your Brand

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. You have learned how to create and implement organizational objectives and develop a target audience. The next step is to unfold your brand.Step three of the public engagement series will give you a better understanding of what branding means to government organizations and how to set a foundation for allRead… Read more »

Digital Engagement Series Part 1: Align Measurable Objectives with Communications

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. We recently published a thought leadership piece on how digital marketing leads to better public engagement. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will break down each step so you can put our plan to practice within your own organization. The following post will explore “Part 1” of theRead… Read more »

8 Ways to Leverage Digital Communications for Increased Public Engagement

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress…” – Kofi Annan As a government agency, your job begins and ends with being a purveyor of knowledge for the audience you serve. From informing the public about a disease outbreak, weather emergency, a newly enacted law, orRead… Read more »