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Create Your Own Video Portal to Connect with Citizens, Broward County Did

If your agency wants to strengthen it’s connection with the community, check-out what Broward County did with their public access programs. They created a branded page on their website to empower citizens with a one-stop-shop to government meetings, events, and safety tips. My company, Granicus, worked with them on this initaitive. They leveraged our videoRead… Read more »

Gov PR: Going Beyond the Standard Press Release with Real-Time Video

From the Granicus Blog As the need for real-time exposure to information grows, government PR and communications professionals should start to re-evaluate their plan of attack for press releases and public announcements. After handling all Granicus PR efforts and working with PIO’s and publicly directors at all levels of government, I’ve come to realize theRead… Read more »

Why RSS is Essential for Government Transparency

Enabling your audience to subscribe to information is a key part of any transparency plan. RSS is a modern subscription tool that’s often under-utilized in government. All agencies should have their content pages equipped with it help people stay aware and engaged in the issues that matter most to them. Hear a Granicus expert discussRead… Read more »

Keys to Success with Government Video

From the Granicus Blog Last week’s webinar, Top 5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic with Video, attracted over 60 government agencies across the U.S. and Canada. While video becomes a powerful tool for transparency and accountability, government staff members across all different departments are still trying to find ways to use it effectively—to not onlyRead… Read more »

Transparency Questions Answered from the National League of Cities Conference

We attended the National League of Cities conference last week and got a lot of questions about streaming council meetings online to increase transparency. There were some concerns raised about pricing and complexity, we wanted to address these in a blog post to give people some key things to consider when deciding what type ofRead… Read more »

Webinar: Top Ways Government Can Increase Web Traffic with Video

From the Granicus Blog We know that many government agencies struggle to get citizens to their websites. Now there’s an easy way to get them there and keep them engaged: video! In today’s Web 2.0 world, video is a critical component to successful websites, people expect it. Think about it, how many websites have youRead… Read more »

Are you looking to stream your public meetings but have an in-house system already in place?

IT departments in government oftentimes have systems they are already using to manage voting, agendas, and minutes in the public meeting process. If your agency wants to retain these tools AND add a new layer of transparency with video, Granicus has the solution for you! Read our latest blog post to see how the CityRead… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Make Creating Meeting Minutes More Efficient

Your email inbox is overflowing, your phone is ringing constantly, and your assistant is on vacation. Requests are pouring in for more detailed information about the council meeting, and you haven’t even turned on your computer yet. If only you could check-off the most important post-meeting task, “Finish Minutes,” within an hour of arriving intoRead… Read more »

Setting an Open Government Standard?

Local, state, and federal Freedom of Information and Open Meeting laws govern the public’s right to know what’s going on in their government. These statutes don’t often make mainstream media headlines; however, the effects of them are far-reaching. As technology advances, governments need to keep their websites up-to-date with the latest tools for transparency, thisRead… Read more »