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The 1 Thing You Can Do To Make Sequestration Work FOR You

For many agencies April signaled the start of harsh budget cuts across the board including cuts to pay and benefits. For many state and local level agencies, those harsh cuts began last year. Regardless of when the cuts began, many employees find themselves in an uncomfortable situation with more time on their hands than theyRead… Read more »

A Conscious Leader’s Approach To The Top 5 Leadership Questions from Government Supervisors…Part 2

As I mentioned before, when I started going through the top 5 questions that I hear from government supervisors, I realized that the article was getting rather long. As promised, here are the remaining questions…plus one bonus question that is often in the back of supervisors’ minds and never spoken. If you missed the firstRead… Read more »

A Conscious Leader’s Approach to the Top 5 Questions from Government Supervisors…Part 1

Martha Austin is on a mission to restore passion and purpose to our federal government one individual at a time. She is a current federal employee with more than 23 years of service, a leadership instructor, a certified professional coach, and creator of the Conscious Leadership Blueprint ™. She is honored to serve government employees,Read… Read more »

3 Key Leadership Mistakes Government Employees Make That Leave Them Burned Out and Frustrated.

Mistake 1. Thinking that leadership is something you learn to do. Leadership is not something you “do,” it is something you “be.” In other words, leadership is not a series of required actions you take, rather it is the essence of who you are, the impact you have on those around you. You don’t “learn”Read… Read more »