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In case you missed the Gov 2.0 discussion sponsored by Ogilvy DC…

You can get a recap here by Ogilvy’s Kety Esquivel, as well as view a video podcast. The panelists were: – Alexander Howard, O’Reilly Media – Gwynne Kostin, U.S. General Services Administration – Micah Sifry, Personal Democracy Forum – Ari Melber, The Nation – Mark Murray, NBC News (Full disclosure: I am a NewRead… Read more »

Roadify: Better parking, driving, and commuting in NYC using open data, human kindness, and cell phones

I met these folks last week at a mobile app presentation in New York City: They build off public transit info, plus user-generated information. It is primarily a Brooklyn movement, but, still: Pretty cool. I think the powerful thing about this is this is what the next “open data” step looks like–using open sourceRead… Read more »

How green is your mobile phone? And do you care?

How green is your phone? And do you care? The article in the Guardian swats at Apple, who refused to participate in the UK program analyzing popular mobile phones. Fast Company has a somewhat grayer take on this information, and challenges the way the phones were analyzed. Meanwhile, I’m hoping that some genius engineerRead… Read more »

So…brilliant Govloopians: who do you think needs to know about this cool green project?

Howdy, Govloopians: I just posted a link to this very cool green office renovation-going-for-LEED-green project going on at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City, spearheaded by GSA. (edited now so you can actually go to it! :)) I am a green nerd, and I also am a contractor working on GSA content, soRead… Read more »

When a city works: sharing Central Park with a dog, a husband, and a couple of thousand triathletes who have just swum the Hudson River

Today my husband, dog, and I went to Central Park for a photo shoot–for my husband and dog. Jeff (the husband) has a book coming out about project management at the end of the year. He’s upgrading his website, and so he hired a very nice photographer to take pictures for his website that showRead… Read more »

Maybe we’ll know it’s Gov 2.0 when we don’t call it Gov 2.0 anymore

This is my first blog post within GovLoop. I am happy to be here. A little gov/tech background: I am a writer/editor/project manager/interactive designer who is currently working as a contractor on a federal website. I call myself a content wrangler; I’ve done everything from write copy for tiny display cards in a Kentucky arboretumRead… Read more »