on Flickr – Pretty cool

Check out on Flickr. People taking photos from Recovery funded projects I think if promoted right this has mass appeal. I’ve driven by hundreds of ARRA projects and I think it would be cool to have people take photos and submit them to Flickr and other sources. Could also be used as recoveryRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Meyer Moldeven (a 93-Year Young Member!)

One of our members, Meyer Moldeven, caught my attention by stating that he was in his “93rd year.” I quickly confirmed with him that I read that comment correctly…and it was true! So here you go – a Member of the Week that I have to believe is our most senior GovLooper! 1. How didRead… Read more »

Top 5 Worst Types of Co-Workers

A great co-worker is priceless – they make your work better, create a good work environment, and make you look good in front of the boss. A bad co-worker can make your life painful, make you dread work, and can derail your career. But there are a bunch of types of bad co-workers. Here’s myRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: Intranet Makeover, British Columbia Style

So here’s the deal. The entire province of British Columbia just gave their government intranet system a complete facelift and let’s just say the result could be an episode of “Pimp Your Site” if that show even existed. Anyways the public servants in BC are now rocking out with an intranet system that includes drupal,Read… Read more »