TSA CIO on The Need for Collaboration

I was at Management of Change conference in Philly this morning and saw the Chief Information Officer for TSA speak – Dr. Emma Garrison – Alexander Here are my notes Building 30 year collaboration… -Some people hear collaboration and only think of 2009 and on Collaboration defined – a true partnership in which both organizationsRead… Read more »

What’s the ROI? 9 Practical Skills You Will Learn at NGG

GovLoop has teamed up with Young Government Leaders to launch Next Generation of Government Summit, July 6 & 7. More information and this blog appear at nextgengovt.com Working in government, you often get the question “What’s the ROI?” Or “If I send you to that training or conference, what will you learn and bring backRead… Read more »

MOC – WH Cybersecurity Chief speaks

So I’m in Philly this week at Management of Change Conference. I’ve been tweeting away #moc10 but also took some notes. Here’s my notes from the speech by Chris Painter, Senior Director for Cybersecurity Change in threat landscape -Criminals in early 90s were mostly individuals for their gratifications -Now – Transnational criminal groups – goalRead… Read more »

The Next Big Thing in Disaster Response?

On May 25, CiviGuard will launch what it’s calls the next big thing in disaster response. In less than a week CiviGuard will launch the first city government partnership with Manor, Texas – just east of Austin – enabling the city’s first responders to tap the pervasiveness of smartphones to more effectively send out crucial,Read… Read more »

How-To: Add Tags to Appear on GovLoop’s Topics Pages

Raise your hand if you’ve noticed the new Topics Pages and find them useful! In a previous post, I shared with you “How-To: Use Tags Like a GovLoop Rockstar”, where I explained the importance of using quotes (i.e. “Government 2.0”) and hyphens (Government-2.0) to hold together your tags. With this post, I want to giveRead… Read more »