Mr. President: Tear Down Those Walls!

Whenever I get a chance for some free time on trips to Washington, DC, I walk or run along the National Mall. Our nation’s capitol is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, especially in and around the monuments and memorials. But then I walk a block off the Mall and seeRead… Read more »

Gov 2 Expo – Notes form Sonal Shah – WH Director of Soc Entrepreneurship

Sonal Shah – WH Director of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation How do we look at these problems differently? With technology, innovation, and people…what keeping us from scaling great ideas. 3 perspectives the office works from: 1-Capital – How can gov’t deploy capital differently to ensure best ideas to capital. In social sectors, get a grantRead… Read more »

Gov 2 Expo – Anil Dash – Expert Labs

These are the most interestingly technological challenges we can engage in Participation – Expert Labs – independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan-help policy makers make decision makers make better decisions through crowdsourcing-Part of AAAS-Can publish their findngs as an experiment Got to make ideas accessible-Time for me to get a new phone…what smartphone should I get? Was ableRead… Read more »

Gov 2 Expo – Lightning Talks Notes

New Orleans Data Group Best practices-Put metadata in plain sites and in plain english-Prove technical discussion-Fix and explain errors to locals. Go to people and see how apps perform in real-world situation. Less than 5% of web visitors have low-res displays. But 60% of senior leaders did.-Credible app – Happier neighborhood-Non-profits use data in grantRead… Read more »

Gov 2 Expo – Jeff Jonas on Data Context and Spear Phishing

Jeff Jonas notes from Gov 2.0 expo keynote Data will find data and relevance will find you-amazing ads tailored just for you-populations spear phised en masse Context accumulating systems used to deliver value in real-timeBetter understanding something by taking into account the things around it Data without context vs Data in context…so much more usefulRead… Read more »

Procurement 2.0 at Gov 2.0 Expo: Lessons from the Better Buy Project

Sitting in on the Procurement 2.0 session at the Expo, discussing the evolution of the Better Buy Project. The session is being masterfully moderated by Chris Dorobek. Chris Hamm, GSA: – Used IdeaVoice – Top Idea: “Put an end to dump of ‘end of year’ procurements” – Another idea: Work out requirements on a wikiRead… Read more »

Gov 2 Expo – Citizen Engagement Rocking Out

Dan Munz of GSA and Peter Levin VA CTO talking about citizen engagement… Some key take aways-Citizen engagement is about making GOVERNMENT WORK BETTER…Not about cool tech, cool ideas.-GSA has lots of upcoming items including challenge platform, citizen engagement platform, and Fedspace coming up. VA is serious about engagement-300,000 employees in VA, 50,000 in VBA-VeteransRead… Read more »

5 Tips for Achieving Social Network Awesomeness

As part of The FCW Challenge, GovLoop and Federal Computer Week have been making pretty provocative statements, including the claim that “government social networks are Towers of Babel, doomed to topple.” In fact, we suggested that “social networking sites are designed to break down the silos of work and social groups and enable people toRead… Read more »