Want to Find Peace from Generational Conflict? Complement and Learn

Thank you to HR Guru Kathleen Smith, who brought this post to our attention! It’s a guest post on SmartBlog on Workforce by Larry and Meagan Johnson, a father-daughter team behind Johnson Training Group, whose clients include several government agencies, American Express, Harley-Davidson, Nordstrom, Dairy Queen. They are co-authors of “Generations, Inc.: From Boomers toRead… Read more »

Who Needs A Vacation? Me!!!

I know most people would raise their hand if asked “do you want to take a vacation?” While we can’t be on vacation all the time or even most of the time it is really a necessary part of work life. Stepping away, taking a break, stopping to disconnect actually helps us maintain a certainRead… Read more »

Top 5 Things Not to Say When Teleworking

*********************************************************************** Not a Govloop Member? 30 Secs & Free to Join for Great Info & Perks *********************************************************************** 5 Things Not to Say When Teleworking Most of us are good teleworkers. Some are bad and abuse it. For those bad teleworkers, here are 5 things not to say when the boss calls while you are teleworkingRead… Read more »

GovUp: We Love You San Francisco!

Last night we kicked off our GovLoop National tour and we definitely made the right choice starting in the city by the bay: San Francisco. First off I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad time when you get tons of Govies together and last night we packed the Minna Gallery with over 100 awesomeRead… Read more »

Top 5 Government Jobs For Ashley Judd

*********************************************************************** Not a Govloop Member? 30 Secs & Free to Join for Great Info & Perks *********************************************************************** So Ashley Judd just finished her Masters of Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School and is interested in public service. As a public service, here are 5 jobs she might be good at: 1) CFC Chairperson – WhyRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Recap – Jed Sundwell

Jed Sundwell, contractor for USA.gov and gobierno.gov, for 2 years -help develop and implement social media strategies -live in San Diego Open San Diego -volunteer-effort -non-profit – make info about San Diego freely to use -find data out there -an experiment in how to sell this concept -want to do prize/bounty for a specific datasetRead… Read more »

GovLaunch – Updates to OpenGov Scorecard

Did people see the White House updated its Open Gov Scorecard? I like the concept and it’s a good way to get started. Next step is really digging in – for example, not just who checked the public consultation scorecard but who is doing it well.. Thoughts? See at http://www.whitehouse.gov/open/around and below To review summariesRead… Read more »

Global Gov 2.0 – “Generation GovLoop” Provoking Profound Change? (France)

Originally posted on LeFigaro.fr by Jean-Sebastian Stehli on August 12, 2010 A funny thing is occuring in the U.S., a silent revolution that no one has yet registered, but whose impact on American society will be felt for half a century to come. In the next four years, nearly 500,000 baby boomer employees will retire.Read… Read more »