New 2 Gov: What’s The Deal With Acquisition?

*********************************************************************** Not a Govloop Member? 30 Secs & Free to Join for Great Info & Perks *********************** Alright first off thank you guys for the responses to the last post. Your input and knowledge is totally what I’m looking for out of this. Writing this blog I kind of feel like a bad comedian whoRead… Read more »

Privacy News Highlights – August 15th

Some top privacy news Biometrics US – U.S. Scans Afghan Inmates for Biometric Database Wired reports on the U.S. military’s new detention facility in Parwan, Afghanistan, as “an emerging datafarm” where all detainees brought to the facility are given medical exams and have their irises scanned and fingerprints taken to be stored in a militaryRead… Read more »

World First, Gov Second

I’ll say this expertise is overrated. Woah.. where did that come from? We’ll sitting at the Gov 2.0 Summit something said by Elizabeth Coleman of Bennington College really resonated with me: start with the world then bring it back to government. Yes expertise is valuable in it’s small tiny sector but government isn’t a smallRead… Read more »

Top 5 Most-Hated Types of Gov’t Workers

*********************************************************************** Not a Govloop Member? 30 Secs & Free to Join for Great Info & Perks *********************************************************************** Top 5 Most-Hated Types of Gov’t Workers So you are working at your job as a govie and you get a call from X and all of a sudden you are upset. There are certain jobs that dreadRead… Read more »

You Can Do It, Federal Employees! Break Your Own CFC Giving Record!

“With some 25,000 participating charities, the CFC is the world’s largest and most successful workplace charitable drive. Last year Federal workers and military personnel pledged over $283 million dollars, setting a new CFC record. Donations to the CFC change lives and bring relief and hope to thousands of communities and millions of Americans. I’ve alwaysRead… Read more »

Project of the Week:

1. What is and what was the impetus for the project? is a platform which allows federal agencies to post challenges, and at the same time, allows the public to find challenges. The impetus: In a March 8, 2010 memorandum, OMB Deputy Director for Management Jeffrey Zients provided legal guidance on the use ofRead… Read more »