Accounts from ALI SoMe4Gov Conference: Agency Issues with Gov 2.0

During a social networking session between presentations at the ALI Social Media for Government Conference, participants were asked what issues they were having related to Web 2.0/social media. Here’s their list: 1. Convincing senior management (cited at least three times) 2. Finding resources (human and financial) 3. Overcoming fear 4. Achieving balance with digital andRead… Read more »

Twitter Turns Thwee!

With the speed that technology swoops in, takes ground, and starts to proliferate, many often are very familiar with the in-s and out-s of the latest and greatest, tout the technology to no end, but for the life of them, have no idea where it came from. This is true for me. And since IRead… Read more »

GovLoop Survey – How Do You Consume News?

The latest GovLoop survey was How Do You Consumer Your News: 12.7% Print News 54.0% Visit Web Sites 30.2% RSS Reader 3.2% Aggregators (Digg/GovZine) 0% Podcasts I find the results pretty interesting. For example, I read a lot of stories about the value and importance of aggregators but at the same time only 3.2% ofRead… Read more »

Measuring Gov 2.0 (via Web 1.0): Brookings

Originally posted at the GenerationShift blog. As I mentioned in this post, I am producing a blog series regarding the measurement of Web 1.0 in preparation for an upcoming presentation with Ari Herzog on Thursday, March 26. I originally blogged about the Brookings Study here on GovLoop on January 25. Consider this post a “PartRead… Read more »

Twitter Spreads Like Wildfire

Metaphorically speaking, someone apparently has lit a match (in San Francisco) in a dry forest with lots of leaves and brush with the right temperature and wind level and there is no water in sight. A fire, you ask? In San Francisco? Oh Yes. A fire. A huge, consuming everything in its sight fire (exceptRead… Read more »

Measuring Gov 2.0…But First, Web 1.0 Analysis

In delivering workshops on Web 2.0 for government agencies and other key stakeholders, I ask audiences to imagine themselves walking up to a dazzling storefront. I ask them to envision peering through clear panes of glass to marvel at the merchandise – watches and widgets and watchamacallits galore. They turn their attention to the door,Read… Read more »

Join the Conversation…Be the Conversation. Is Twitter Fueling Innovation?

Yesterday in my journey into the twittersphere I highlighted 3 observations that I find most appealing about the micro-blogging site. To summarize all three in one thought, I see Twitter as providing users a constant flow of interest-tailored mind-castings, a living discussion forum, and a place to take a penny and leave a penny. I’veRead… Read more »

March Madness Baby! Join the GovLoop Bracket.

****UPDATE – March Madness is LIVE! Join the bracket and make your picks…And Sorry about the bad link in the past….********** I’ve been slacking on my basketball watching this year, but there is time to remedy the situation. In 2 weeks, March Madness will arrive and I’ll be ready. I will use these next twoRead… Read more »