Project of the Week: UK’s Driving Standards Agency

Does your local DMV have instructional videos on YouTube? Do they use social media at all? Are they committed to “lifelong learning” among drivers in your area? If your answer was “no” to any or all of these questions, then you might want to tell them about the United Kingdom’s Driving Standards Agency (DSA), which… Read more »

Cross Gen Communication & Engagement in the Public Sector: Scott Span

Generational diversity is one of many areas of diversity in today’s business environment. Just like dealing with racial and gender diversity, any of the diversity factors that go unaddressed can negatively impact an organization from various fronts. GovLooper and also Next Generation of Government Speaker Scott Span, President of Tolero Solutions, Organizational Development & Change… Read more »

Member of the Week: Dannielle Blumenthal

Have you met Dannielle Blumenthal? Chances are you’ve bumped into her on GovLoop – she’s created several groups and has as of late become a prolific blogger. Her short answers below really don’t do justice to her contributions to GovLoop and government communications, so I hope that this brief profile prompts you to join her… Read more »

Is the Young World Rising? Preview from Next Gen Gov Summit

At the YGL/GovLoop Next Generation of Government Summit 7/6-7/7, we have a ton of great speakers talking about opportunities for young leaders to change government. One speaker is Rob Salkowitz who wrote the awesome Wiley-publish book “Young World Rising: How Youth Technology and Entrepreneurship is Changing the World” We did a quick interview where we… Read more »

Engaging Your Audience Through Presentation and Delivery – David Uejio

Engaging your audience isn’t easy in fact there’s a lot more ways to do it poorly than correctly. But good news is there are people who have it down pat and can help. One of those is David Uejio, Special Assistant to the Director, Office of Human Resources, National Institutes of Health. David will be… Read more »

Great Commercial,! Why Can’t I Find It On YouTube?

If you’ve been watching CNN recently, you’ve probably seen the commercial – you know, the one where there are two guys getting rained on under floating rooves. One is “having a problem.” The other: dry and secure. I wanted to see it again, so I quickly went to YouTube to see if I could… Read more »