Next Generation of Government Post Event PodCasts

Thanks to our friends at Human Resources IQ we have several post event podcasts from our awesome speakers at this year next Generation of Government Summit. Hear what the speakers though about the conference and also elaborate on their talks. – Nick Charney – Tom Fox – Misti Burmeister – Dave… Read more »

Have a Pulse

Want to do something incredible in your life? 1. Get excited. 2. Get a vision. 3. Get it done! It’s not rocket science. It’s more having a pulse. Be honest with who you are, what makes you tick, and what drives you to bliss (ie; what you’re doing when you forget to eat/sleep). The world… Read more »

Mary on Mentoring

Mary Cummings of NASA shared her experiences in setting up “Mentor and Reverse Mentoring” Programs and how to have a successful mentor relationship. There are many types of mentoring programs: – Formal – Informal – Traditional/One-on-One – Situational/Flash Mentoring – Peer – E-Mentoring – Group/One-to-Many – Reverse Mary shared an instance of where a very… Read more »

Learning Lessons from Senior Leaders (in 140 Characters or Less)

Career Conversations panel with Jim Williams (former GSA) and Lisa Schlosser (EPA), with awesome facilitation by Jeremy Rissi. For best results, read from the bottom up! nextgengovt: RT @ClearedJobsNet: get to know each other, emulate good leaders, know your leaders, don’t gossip & read about leadership as per Lisa Schlosser#ngg10 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck… Read more »

Dirty Dozen: 12+ Issues Impacting IT Transformation

Live blogging the “Transforming IT” session – Dan Munz from GSA and Tiffany Smith from State Department. The audience is sharing some of their issues with using innovative tech, including: 1. Centralizing #Gov20 policy – can we get one uber policy that covers all agencies and expedites moving forward? 2. Big barrier = security. How… Read more »

Coolest Canadian Ever: Nick Charney’s Path to Public Service

Nick Charney up now: Background – Gave up his career in NHL while his team was on clear path to Stanley Cup – Outlined the STARK contrast between former and current career (awesome Prezi slides forthcoming) Tips – Be introspective, get perspective – Fight back, but there’s a difference b/t raising your fist in protest… Read more »

OPM’s Matt “Government Cool Again” Collier: Dreaming Big, Kicking Butt

Blogging live from Next Generation of Gov’t Summit. Kick-off speaker is Matt Collier, head of OPM’s “Making Government Cool Again” initiative. Some notes: Background – Started out wanting to be a pilot – Interned in a congressional office, then worked at Homeland Security – Went to Stanford, swore he’d never return to DC – Tapped… Read more »

Top 5 Worst Agencies To Work For

Ok, first off these are not my rankings but instead actually come from The Best Places to Work Rankings. So basically don’t shoot the messenger. We’ll do this countdown style so lets start with numero 5. 5) National Archives and Records Administration – This one blows my mind. I’ve seen National Treasure 1 and 2… Read more »