Grow, Grow, Grow

Peter DiGiammarino, CEO of Compusearch, likes growth. In fact, it may be more accurate to say he loves it. In this video, Peter outlines some of the elements key in helping companies who may be “performing well, but not up to their potential, grow to see that potential.” Throughout the 12 or so minutes he… Read more »

Member of the Week: Andrea Schneider

If you’ve been a member of one of Andrea Schneider’s groups, you know why Andrea hosts some of the most fascinating conversations on GovLoop. The titles alone may entice you to join: – Evaluation: The Data and The Story – Social Networking, Leadership and Innovation in the Applied Setting – Who’s Running the Show? A… Read more »

Online Public Engagement – New Grant Program

Online public engagement is huge these days. All of the federal /open pages are launched with online public engagement tools soliciting feedback on how to do participation, transparency, and engagement. There’s been some pretty cool blogs on GovLoop about “making crowdsourcing successful” As this space unfolds, it’s been cool to see companies like Ideascale collaborate… Read more »

The Price of Hyperlinking

If you notice in this blog, I don’t hyperlink much. You know why – it’s the price of hyperlinking. It takes time and often I write these blogs on airplanes when I don’t have wi-fi. And every hyperlink takes time…and I’m focusing on sharing ideas. But maybe I should hyperlink more…Thoughts? Favorite

Gov’t Privacy News Summary – Jan 23 -31

My friend Fred puts together this awesome privacy news highlights and said I could cross-post… So here we go: Privacy News Highlights 23–31 January 2010 Contents: US – NH House Passes Bill Banning Fingerprint IDs. 3 CA – B.C. Names Acting Privacy Commissioner 3 CA – Privacy Commissioner Launches New Facebook Probe. 3 CA –… Read more »