“If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” On of the first-order axioms of management, and a mantra of spreadsheet jockeys everywhere. Benchmarking. Balanced Scorecard. SEO. What do they have in common – they are indirect measures of effectiveness. For an artist, which is more important – the tack hammer or the paint brush?Read… Read more »

Personal Analytics? Can Tech Save the [work] Day?

“We are entering an era of personal analytics where we can take control of our own data, display it in a dashboard, and use it to inform better life decisions, according to Martin Blinder, founder and CEO of Tictrac, speaking at Intelligence Squared’s If Conference.” Tictrac is in beta, and from what I can tell,Read… Read more »

Sunlight Foundation: Tools for Transparency: URL Builder for Google Analytics

The Google Analytics URL Builder is a simple tool that helps you track traffic statistics for specific campaign related links. The tool works by adding parameters to a link from a page on your site that you then track using Google Analytics. When running an advertising or social media campaign, this is incredibly handy forRead… Read more »

Mission-Focused Analytics

What do we mean by “mission-focused analytics?” That is the focus of a new report co-sponsored by the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government and released earlier today at an event with a panel of federal executives using analytics. “It’s like peeling back an onion. You cry aRead… Read more »

ACUS Calls for Public Comment Software

Readers of the blog may find this post on the ACUS recommendations regarding public comment analysis software interesting. We spent 10 years researching the problem of mass email campaigns and built a variety of prototype solutions. Over 300 federal agency personnel attended workshops and focus groups during the decade-long design process. About $4 millionRead… Read more »

When Did Statistics Go Mainstream? – 9/8 GL Training

Join GovLoop and our partner IBM to learn how to use analytics to boost efficiency and cut costs in our next GovLoop training on 9/8 at 2pm – RSVP **************************************************************************************************************************************** I remember the first time I got excited about statistics. I was in an introductory to statistics class and was taught how to use SPSSRead… Read more »

Making Analytics “Real”

Deloitte recently launched their Real Analytics Website. It is the goal of Deloitte for this site, along with the Real Analytics LinkedIn Group, to form an online community about gaining business insights through analytical data and visualization. Real Analytics basically creates a community for those who are involved and interested in these areas and willRead… Read more »