50 Cups of Coffee This Year

On the Myers Briggs scale, I lean toward the introvert side. Standing around looking for someone to talk to at a big networking event is like waiting to be picked for gym class.

Recently my business coach, Marty O’Neill, challenged me to get out of the office more. So I signed up for a couple of GovExec events. I spent half the day at them. So far I’ve met a vendor that competes with a product we buy. Good for him but I could have found them surfing the internet from my desk.

Marty then recommended that I do 50 cups of coffee.

What?  I had to do some research.

I found a book of that name: “50 cups of Coffee” But that’s for people on the hunt for “Mr. Right.” I’m happily married.

After graduating from college, Megan Gebhart met with 52 new people over the course of a year to “see what lessons she could learn about life and careers” and because “she couldn’t resign herself to life at an aimless 9-to-5 job …”  She has since become an internet celebrity and wrote a book. She turned into a professional coffee meet-er.

But I’m old enough to be her mother and well into my 9-5 career…

Entrepreneur Mark Suster suggests 50 coffees – but on a break-neck schedule: one every weekday or 250 per year!

Whoa! I can feel my blood pressure going up!

Peter Thomas in Inc Magazine recommends using 50 coffees for “raising investment, changing careers, or leaving your city.”

Nope, not trying to do any of that.

But I found Mr. Thomas’ premise to be intriguing:

 “Setting the goal of having coffee with 50 people forces you to be clear about your goals. Making the goal public, one person at a time, also makes it much stronger. Having 50 coffees is good because then you have to commit to the specific move that you want to make. You’ll also get input from smart and interesting people.”

And his approach made me feel a bit more comfortable:

“I’m not talking about generic catch-up coffees and awkward first-time meetings with sales prospects. Instead, I’m looking for a focused debate with an intelligent peer. The best coffee discussions are about an idea you’re both interested in, or where the other person can give you input on something they like discussing.”

I do have some goals this coming year: 1) Seek opportunities with the DoD. 2) Find large primes interested in sharp small businesses for teaming on existing or upcoming large contracts.

My firm provides communications services to programs that are challenged with:

  • A variety of stakeholders who must be engaged to achieve the mission
  • An outreach and/or recruiting aspect to their mission
  • A high profile mission that is covered by the media or followed by Congress

We set-up a “listening dashboard” to keep our clients abreast of issues and measure communication performance over time. We also create award-winning videos, animations, websites, etc.

I’m interested in data analytics, behavior science and the human interaction needed to tackle complex missions.

Does any of this interest you?  Want to grab a cup of coffee?

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Martin Nera

I very much like the ideas here. Setting goals and also putting an open letter out to anyone interested in these goals is a great way to put yourself out there without outright getting 50 coffees with different individuals.

Janice John Roper-Graham

Thanks Martin. But I still need to do the 50 coffees in 2018 or Marty will be on my case! If you know of anyone with similar interests, please refer them. Happy Holidays! 🙂

Debbie Hatch

I run three of my own businesses. Pinnacle Personnel Servicices is an international Human Resources consulting and instruction company. Pinnacle’s subsidiary, Federal Benefits Services, provides retirement and benefits training to federal employees. Family & FIT focuses on workplace wellness issues.

Behavioral science and the creation of top performing teams, especially in times of change, are two of my top interests. I’m in Nebraska but I travel extensively. I’d love to see if we can schedule coffee!!

Janice John Roper-Graham

Sounds good Debbie – ping me when you are in town. I’m based in Annapolis but go to DC several times a month.

Danielle Harrington

I’m a Disability Examiner with the Social Security Administration. I’m preparing for a career change and very interested in networking with others. I’m specifically interested in careers with DOD but am considering other agencies as well. I would love to meet for coffee. I’m in the Kansas City regional office. Contact me if you are ever in the area.

Debbie Wilson

Danielle, I am an Employment Specialist south of St. Louis. If you are ever in my area, let’s meet up. I have relatives in the KC area and plan to visit them in the summer. My personal email is [email protected]

Debbie Wilson

I love the concept and have actually facilitated several “Virtual coffee breaks” on Facebook in the past, complete with discussion topics and special guests, so if you are ever in the St. Louis area, I would be glad to share a cup of coffee with you.

Janice John Roper-Graham

That’s pretty close by – I’m in Annapolis. Send contact info or call me in the New Year. (This is easier than I thought! 🙂 – 888-OPP-0101, x701