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Dabbling in written arts & technical wizardry – part 1 of 20 series

Dabbling in written arts & technical wizardry – part 1 of 20 series
National Writing Examiner, Donna L. Quesinberry

Defining yourself as a writer involves introspection and self-awareness. To develop positive characteristics, and deliver uniquely satisfying written products, whether a novelist, journalist, technician, poet, or business writer… is to be a dabbler of the written arts or a wordsmithy. And, this means it is necessary to hone or refine your writing continuously. A consistent evolution towards perfection, however altruistic that may sound, is the life of the writer.

During these labors of love, acts of contrition, subjugation in servitude or all of the above – occasions arise where creativity of plot in script, concept or other notable writ courses the writer’s mind. Subconscious gems stream through our active mind much like an uninvited guest, and often with less elusive manners. Later, these same creations become preoccupations that burn us to the quick, desiring their own ignition of life on our paper. They embroil us in the moment, and no matter our level of skill or presence of being, publishing these interludes of fantasy becomes a consumption of both mind and soul.

Perhaps it is after an afternoon’s relaxation away from the stresses of home, work, or mundane applications of living – where we are allowed to pontificate that our mind takes journey and simulates an entire novel or novella while we have no recording device to jot it down as it occurs. Rather, we return home determined to record our mind’s revelry at our desk over a copious keyboard one keystroke at at time, but when we set to task, we learn that same free flowing mind when put to the grindstone recollects only ‘portions of the masterpiece’ that laid bare upon our thoughts while basking leisurely earlier that same day. We are left with pen in hand, zero syntax springing forth, feeling as though our mind just took advantage of us and then escaped the scene, leaving us bereft in our abandon – wishing for a pardon from our ill preparedness to have at least carried a pocket recorder.

At that very moment, many an author might decide to scrap the notion of instant replay, saving the idea assuming that recovery will take place at another time. Of course, recollection grows dimmer with each waking hour. Time and again, stories course our minds we never get in print. We can’t seem to complete the process of recording these when they occur and publishing becomes an almost absurd concept for those freestyle releases. We can’t even seem to get the concepts on paper quickly enough with a semblance of order, but what if there a way to get at the embedded golden nuggets of writing possibilities not only written, but written with a clear inner voice and published too boot?

Perhaps, you are a technical non-fiction writer whose current profession presents a preoccupation with writing – as a prime communicator, public relations or marketing guru, you may wear the label of content wizard. Final products you create for business clientele rank second to none and you are revered in your profession. Brilliant ideas emerge daily from your psyche that improve life and accommodate a progressive work environment. “How-to’s” you deliver are complimented, and practical experience lends an abundance of information willingly shared by you with others (e.g., small entrepreneurial business start-ups, holistic health and cures for the common cold, computer savvy solutions, etc.).

Each day grammatically succinct text drips from your quill forming final copy client deliveries that are presented without fanfare. You receive resounding kudos for a job well done and your work is respected, but approaching a computer to record personal accounts, award winning creative publications or tried and true secrets of your successes to make available to the public – result in copy that lacks personality, fails to convey an effective inner storyteller and the conversational tone you desire for readers seems tense. Writer’s block develops whenever you approach anything other than a technical non-fiction publication and you feel that with all your skill creative efforts should be full of promise. You sit locked up staring at the keyboard and somewhat confused.

Writers tend to experience wordsmithing skill variations throughout their careers. There are some new, and not so new, methods that are available that aid dabblers of the written arts in retention and detailed recall of these gems. Relaxation techniques tap in to the inner storyteller and exercises provide a calm reservoir to bring the inner-mind to the surface resulting in detailed imagery, greater vision, and ultimately literary achievement. There are a host of methods that are available to enhance the writer’s journey toward publication.

This is part one of a series of articles developed to aid in the achievement of writing goals. Accessing individual knowledge reservoirs, arriving at the door of artisan fulfillment through the act of skillful wordsmithing and professional success is the hoped for result in this twenty part series. Enjoy~

About the Author: Ms. Quesinberry, DonnaInk President, manages a Government (federal and state) and commercial consultancy; she is also a published technical non-fiction and fiction author; university courseware developer and instructor; and a recognized poetess among other pursuits. Donna has appeared on CNBC during the Anita Hill crisis and is a single mum of five wonderful adult children. DonnaInk is a small, woman-owned sole proprietorship, with over 18 years of professional expertise featuring high 90th percentile performance measurements and a 98% win ratio for multiple / diverse clients in 2007and 2008; 100% thus far in 2009.

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