FedConnects: Setting Aside Market Research Funds Can Help on a Rainy Day

Today, everyone from top CEOs to President Obama is talking about cutting back on spending and finding ways to “do more with less.” Unfortunately for marketers, this usually means budget cuts or even a full on slashing of your budget. So if you desperately need your next campaign or rebrand to provide the most bang for your buck, what do you do? It’s simple — buy insurance. Not from an insurance company, but from a research company.

Setting aside money for research provides you with the largest return on investment (ROI) that you can get for your money. Why? Knowledge is power. Research arms you with key insights and important information that would have been otherwise missed if that money was funneled into a marketing campaign that you “thought” was working. The reality is that the right market research allows you to do EVEN more with less.

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