Federal Eye: Federal Employees Donate to Their New Boss

The Obama-Biden Transition Project has earned $1,170,937.44 since it began accepting donations on Nov. 15 and among the 1,776 people that have donated, 35 are federal employees or members of the military. They have donated $5,925 basically to help their next boss, Barack Obama, prepare for his new job. All appear to be rank-and-file types… Read more »

What Makes Government 2.0 Different from Enterprise 2.0?

This post previously appeared on my “Social Media Strategery” blog. One of the things that I have consistently noticed in my five years as a government communications consultant is that our new hires who come from the corporate world go through an adjustment period upon first supporting a government client. That’s to be expected as… Read more »

Federal Eye: Who Will Protect Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton’s nomination to serve as secretary of State creates an unique jurisdictional battle between the U.S. Secret Service, which protects current and former presidents and first ladies, and the the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which protects the secretary of state, visiting foreign dignitaries and all American diplomatic missions abroad. The two law… Read more »

TSP Talk – When will the bear market be over?

Welcome to our Monday morning market commenary from TSPtalk.com. Stocks rallied again on Friday making Thanksgiving week one of the most bullish weeks in many, many years. We know bear markets can have explosive rallies. So, is that what this was, or is the bottom in? There are many things lining up suggesting that this… Read more »

Ten Guiding Principles for E-civil Service

I Introduction Is there anything called e-civil service or electronic civil service? If so, what is it? How does it differ from the traditional civil service? How can it keep pace with technological developments? What role does it have in Government 2.0? Is there any conflict between old conduct rules for the civil servants and… Read more »

Federal Eye: Bad Weather and Federal Holidays

The start of the holiday season and the drop in temperatures is a good excuse to revive conversations about federal work holidays and what happens when bad weather strikes. Thanksgiving Day was the second-to-last federal work holiday of 2008, Christmas of course being the last. (See the full list here.) The Fridays after both holidays… Read more »

I/ITSEC….Any GovLoop Members going?

OK…so I get one day of rest to do laundry and then I head off to the Interservice and Industry, Training, Simulation and Education Conference (IITSEC). If you are not within the U.S. Dept of Defense sphere or its international partners, then let me hip you to this gig. Imagine 15-20K people from all over… Read more »