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Is Open Government “Dangerously Digital”?

Wrote a blog post this morning about a talk I gave yesterday, the subject matter being that open government – transparency, collaboration, and participation – is controlled by CIO’s and CTO’s. Why? Perhaps open government and the OGD and its solutions are too tech-reliant (what I term, Dangerously Digital). Where’s the human side of theRead… Read more »

Browser Compatibility: So Often Overlooked

Everyone knows that developing a government website can be a challenge. One of the most common development concerns is Section 508 compliance. However, while Section 508 compliance is important, it should not be a developer’s only concern when testing a website. One area of web development that I find so often overlooked by government developersRead… Read more »

Flash and the iPhone?

Cross posted from JustAGovy So here’s a completely random thought. I happening to catch an article about the new message Adobe presents on it’s site when you visit it from an iPhone. Yes, seems Adobe is a bit ticked off at Apple…still. But what if there’s a good reason Apple isn’t moving on the additionRead… Read more »