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cool Open Gov event this week in San Fran

I was out in San Francisco this week and attended an event with that city’s CIO that highlighted how developers are using open government data to provide interesting and useful apps for residents– like “MomMaps” for to find clean city parks. We put together a short video with interviews with some of the presenters– definitelyRead… Read more »

San Francisco’s Open Data Efforts On Display

San Francisco’s aggressive open data efforts were on display this week, as civic and technology leaders took the stage at sf.govfresh, an event highlighting technology innovation in City government. City CIO Chris Vein (who also was recently interviewed by ideation solutions firm BrightIdea) and Department of Technology innovations manager Jay Nath explained how the CityRead… Read more »

Open Government vs Open source vs Open Standard vs Open Spec

Open Government, open source, open standards, open specifications. There is a huge amount of confusion and misunderstanding on what these terms mean when it comes to technology, and which products and tools fit into each category. Adobe System’s Dave McAlister, director of Open source and Standards, gives a great primer on what each term means,Read… Read more »

Apple vs. Open Government

There’s a very interesting new blog post by Adobe’s Rob Pinkerton worth reading, asking whether the folks at Apple have actually read the Open Government Directive. Rob’s main point is that Apple’s proprietary developer requirements stifle true openness and innovation: “I still find it hard to believe that a company that founded one of theRead… Read more »