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Six Considerations for Evaluating GenAI Solutions for Fast Deployment Today

Vendors offer a bewildering array of GenAI solutions, all of which seem very similar. Some agencies have paused on evaluations to foster consensus, but the question remains: How can government agencies determine whether it is possible to deploy an effective GenAI solution today?

Nurturing the Future: Essential Skill Sets for Government Employees in the Age of Generative AI

The emergence of generative AI raises important personnel questions: What skill sets do government agencies need to hire or develop? And how can answer engines remove some technical burdens?

How Government Agencies Can Provide the Information Constituents Really Want Without the Guesswork

Constituents want to find information on your site quickly and easily. Generative AI offers a revolutionary approach to interpreting user questions and providing answers people need.

Why Government Websites Should Be as Intuitive as Visiting a Retail Store

Citizens expect Instant, correct, and trusted answers from government agencies when they look for information on the agencies’ websites. Natural language interfaces fulfill this need.

From Search Engines to Answer Engines — Bridging the Digital Divide to Optimize Constituent Experience

A new technology has emerged — known as “answer engines” — that replaces the keyword search engines we know so well with natural language processing that understands what we actually mean when we ask a question.