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How To Integrate Citizen-Focused Strategies at Your Agency

The government has some amazing programs. From health care to veterans’ programs to education and more, these programs can change people’s lives for the better. However, their success relies on people being able to understand how to access and take advantage of them. This is why digital communications and citizen engagement is so important.

Transforming the Federal Citizen Experience

How do we reach more citizens and get them to truly engage with our services? That’s the question on nearly every government leader’s mind as they confront a changing technology landscape and new customer demands. At this morning’s Digital Engagement Breakfast, Natalie Fedie, VP of Client Success and Professional Services at GovDelivery, offered a few answers for how agencies… Read more »

What 2020 Will Bring For The American Citizen

2020 sounds futuristic and far away, but it’s actually only five years from now. And in government, where things happen fairly slowly, it’s high time we start making our predictions on the status quo of the government just a bit down the road. William Eggers, Director for Public Sector Research at Deloitte, spoke with Christopher… Read more »