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CB2: Army Social Media App Reviewed

A Tweet on the #SMEM (Social Media for Emergency Management) hash-tag alerted me to the release of an official “Army Social Media” app on the iPhone. No, this isn’t America’s Army where teens battle it out Call of Duty style, but rather a handbook for men and women in service and their families on usingRead… Read more »

Getting Our Swagger Back: What a 110-Year-Old Man Can Teach Us About the Deficit Panic

Authored by Jeff White [This article was originally published on GovWin] I think I’ve been looking at this all wrong. A 110-year-old man taught me that this weekend. I’ve been harping on big numbers a lot lately. In this space, you’ve seen me rant about hundred-billion-dollar budget cuts, trillion-dollar deficits,and uncountable numbers of contractors. It’sRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Want to Really Honor Them? Give a Vet a Job!

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and we’re all thinking about the significant sacrifice that our soldiers make every day. Federal Diary columnist Joe Davidson at the Washington Post suggests that one of the best ways we can truly honor them is to put them at the top of the pile for jobs: How to truly honorRead… Read more »

Introducing This is Govable: The U.S. Army’s Facebook Landing Page

Hello, GovLoopers! I’d like to introduce This is Govable, a series that will highlight government examples of impressive social media tactics and improved collaboration through technology. This series might not always showcase the biggest campaigns, but it will highlight small, meaningful steps that the government is taking towards Gov2.0. Please feel free to send meRead… Read more »

AKO/DKO Supports Defense IT Consolidation

Army Knowledge Online/Defense Knowledge Online is the most cost-effective, globally-available option available to help leaders achieve their knowledge management goals. AKO/DKO provides premier enterprise web portal functions, tools and services to the warfighter, supporting institutions, and the greater Department of Defense community; securely, reliably, anywhere, and anytime. As an established foundation to the growing DefenseRead… Read more »

The Army’s iPhone Story

Sandra Erwin of National Defense magazine just published an excellent article on the Army’s foray into developing soldier-friendly smartphone applications. Giving credit to Army CIO Lt. Gen, Jeffrey Sorenson and Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Sandra describes the services first steps towards the use of smartphones and cloud computing.According to the article,Read… Read more »

Best Practices: U.S. Army using MySpace to recruit soldiers

By: Michael O’Dell In the world of social media recruiting, you hear a lot about the big three recruiting tools. These three are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Often times, MySpace is completely overlooked as a source of recruitment leads. Many recruiters say the MySpace demographic is less professional. They say the medium is “too messy”Read… Read more »

Shooting and Blizzard Show the Potential of Social Media in a Crisis

Social media channels are powerful communication tools normally but when incorporated into your crisis action plan they can add a valuable weapon to the government public affairs arsenal. Two recent events on Army installations with very different results demonstrated this clearly. The reviews aren’t close to being done on all the things that went rightRead… Read more »