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The Military’s use of Social Media: Facebook Focus (Part 1 of 3)

Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. The growth of social media is evident even amongst the ranks of government. The five branches of the US Military have been social media champions and there is much to learn from their efforts as we see in this report. This is the first installment of threeRead… Read more »

Military video adoption increasing

Here’s a great article about how military video adoption is increasing. It’s encouraging to see how Unified Communications, like VTC are enabling decision makers from each branch of the military to collaborate and communicate face-to-face and in real time, despite geographic locations. Read the full post at

Leadership is…

We’ll share our thoughts, though we also prefer to hear from you, so share your opinion ! According to our marketing partner, Preactive Marketing, the phrase “leadership is” has over 6 million global monthly searches. This indicates there is a growing interest in the topic and in learning to become a better leader. So, howRead… Read more »

U.S. Army Tops List of Most Engaging Agency Twitter Feeds

Twitter is a popular way for federal agencies to share updates on their organization and to converse with inquiring citizens. Yet a healthy Twitter presence is about more than just an impressive band of followers. Various other factors impact how effective a given Twitter feed may be, including replies, mentions, and outgoing tweets. One ofRead… Read more »

GovReads Follow-up: “Top 10 Tips For Marketing A Book Using Social Media”

Back in March, GovReads did an Interview and Book Giveaway for my book: The Project Management Answer Book (publisher: Management Concepts). A lot of exciting things have happened with my book since then (podcast interviews, blog interviews, live webinars, live video interviews, guest blogs for international websites, Book Expo America “New Title Showcase” at theRead… Read more »

At Fort Hood: Social media, community lauded for help in locating missing girl

So glad this story has gotten more attention. Excerpted from the article on the Army website: A massive outpouring of support from Fort Hood, surrounding communities and social media helped a potential nightmare for one Fort Hood family end happily last week….. {ELLIPSE} “Facebook provided great information,” Fort Hood Garrison Commander Col. Mark Freitag said.Read… Read more »

Top 10 Books for Civilians Working with the Military

If you work in the defense industry or are looking to break into the defense business, a lack of military experience can be a major drawback. Fortunately, dozens of authors have come to your aid with books that can help you learn the ropes – and language – of your military colleagues. Read this articleRead… Read more »

DOD confirms US Army Civilian Force Reduction – MetroDCites affected

The 2012 Presidential Budget requires the US Army to reduce civilian employees to comply with funding decrease demands. The Department of Army announced today it is moving forward with plans to reduce the size of its civilian employee workforce. The intended 8,700 civilian employee reduction will be completed by 30 September 2012. According to theRead… Read more » asks, “Have you made the connection?” asks, “Have you made the connection?” The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs catches a lot of flack in the media most of the time and while they have had some bumps in the road – there are VA programs worthy of recognition. One such program is “Many of our Nation’s Veterans—from those whoRead… Read more »