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New Chromebooks – worth the bother?

Google have announced a new model of their Chromebook – the web only laptop that runs their Chrome operating system, which essentially consists of a browser and not much else. As well as the laptop, there’s now a desktop machine too – which is rather reminiscent of the Mac Mini. Both look like nice bitsRead… Read more »

Google Docs offline comes to Android, but no editing allowed

I’m a big fan of Google Docs. Very useful free application. Interesting to see an offline version. We’ll see how it works. Google Docs offline comes to Android, but no editing allowed By Jon Brodkin | Published about 2 hours agoLast updated about 2 hours ago Google keeps taking tiny steps toward creating a full-fledgedRead… Read more »

10 toolbar extensions for government

Check out 10 cool toolbar extensions for government! Watch the video below for Kristy’s take on why these extensions rock, and find quick download links at the bottom. Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code Quick links to download the toolbar extensions on this page:

Geeking Out With Gavin: Making the Most of Shortcuts and Hotkeys

“Geeking Out with Gavin” is a weekly series highlighting ways to improve your productivity on the web. In my day-to-day work and use of the computer, I find that the vast majority of my time is spent in the browser. Sure, I’ll delve into MS Office occasionally, do some playlist modification with my music program,Read… Read more »

Geeking Out With Gavin: Boomerang Your Gmails

Last week, I told you about my run-in with the neighbor. The college kid helped me with my laptop and gave me some great advice on optimizing Gmail. So I decided to turn it into a series on GovLoop. Here’s your latest installment! Q: What was that Boomerang thing you mentioned that allows me toRead… Read more »

Browser Compatibility: So Often Overlooked

Everyone knows that developing a government website can be a challenge. One of the most common development concerns is Section 508 compliance. However, while Section 508 compliance is important, it should not be a developer’s only concern when testing a website. One area of web development that I find so often overlooked by government developersRead… Read more »