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Embracing Change – Winning Hearts and Minds

There is no cookie cutter solution for a successful project or change but having a framework in place will make it easier for stakeholders to support and implement new ideas.

Culture Change and the International Open Government Movement

Government In the Lab has a good post on the upcoming Open Government Partnership which is being led by the United States. The kickoff meeting is September 20th with the unveiling of the Open Government Declaration. I am hopeful that this will bring Open Government from being just about Open Data to a more sustainableRead… Read more »

The Zen of Cultural Change

It is time to move from creating a more open government to sustaining open government. Yes, there is a lot more work to do in making agencies on all levels of government are releasing their data and becoming transparent. Governments have successfully picked the low-hanging fruit of opening up their datasets. It’s now time toRead… Read more »