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An Interesting Look at a “Think and Do” Tank on Cyber

By: John W. Lainhart and Christopher Ballister In early 2015, George Washington University established the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security (CCHS) – a nonpartisan “think and do” tank. CCHS’ mission is to carry out policy-relevant research and analysis on cybersecurity, homeland security and counterterrorism issues.  By bringing together domestic and international policymakers and practitionersRead… Read more »

Industries of the Future?

Have you ever wished for a crystal ball that would magically show you the future? What would you do with that knowledge? We can’t promise you a crystal ball, but Alec Ross, former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, is releasing his book, IndustriesRead… Read more »

Cyber-What do the People Want from Govt?

The data collected, saved, utilized, and disseminated from the public is an essential part of government’s backbone. But at the same time, the government must be good stewards of the data. It’s their job to secure constituents’ data. But with great data collection comes even greater responsibility. In the 21st century, American citizens are demandingRead… Read more »