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New Report Details Data Visualization in Government

A new report explores the topic of data visualization and its use by the federal government. Appropriately titled “The Use of Data Visualization in Government,” the report details how agencies are turning data into infographics and how government managers can use a slew of tools to help tell their agencies’ stories in a way thatRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: Storytime, Trusting Your Gut, and Why You Suck at Networking

Happy Friday, everyone! You know what time it is. It’s time for the… Friday Fab 5! That special part of the week when we take a look back at a few of the awesome blogs, forums, quotes, groups, and members here on GovLoop. If you think they’re awesome too, go ahead and congratulate them (linksRead… Read more »

Telling stories with data

Yesterday, I did a bit of social reporting at my good friends Claremont‘s ‘Data is Power’ event, hearing about the impact data visualisation has been having on PR and journalism. We heard from the Alzheimers Society about how they raised awareness of the postcode lottery in dementia diagnosis through smart data visualisation. It’s a reallyRead… Read more »

Say it in a Word Cloud! Visualizing Large Documents

What does the Defense Information Systems Agency Campaign Plan say about DISA? The surface of the ocean may seem static with only the ripples of waves on its surface, but underneath it is teeming with life and large currents acting like enormous rivers circulating and pulsing throughout. If our ocean was in the form ofRead… Read more »