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The Acquisition Workforce: Are We Going Backwards?

As the meat grinder of sequestration continues to move forward, the initiatives to improve and develop the acquisition workforce will more than likely come to a grinding halt, and move capabilities backwards at a time where forward movement is badly needed. At this past week’s 2013 Acquisition Excellence Conference, The American Council for Technology-Industry AdvisoryRead… Read more »

Interview with DAU’s Mike Lambert

Below is an interview conducted with Mike Lambert, who is active in improving knowledge management and training systems for the defense acquisition workforce. In particular, I advise you find Mike on GovLoop. How did you get to where you are in your life? I’ve taken an interesting tour of a variety of career fields overRead… Read more »


DAU has wonderful online courses – they’re the best I’ve taken so far. However, DAU has amazing features that are underused. These tools go beyond the classroom and promote memory retention and post-classroom learning. Awareness of and utilizing these DAU resources will improve your acquisition knowledge. (NOTE: if DAU sites say your or the site’sRead… Read more »