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Starting with the Basics: Making the Perfect E-learning Experience

When it boils down to it, a good e-learning experience is actually all about the user experience. User experience is shaped by two variables: target audience and agency goal. Before you start designing a training, consider who your target audience is and what your learning objectives are. The answers to these questions will provide theRead… Read more »

Too Long, Too Boring and Other Reasons Your Trainings Suck

If you’re a government trainer, you’ve probably heard a million and one excuses why people aren’t starting or completing your training courses. And while you can’t force everyone to do what you want (unless it’s required training), there could be several aspects of your course that are deterring the masses. Luckily, you can make yourRead… Read more »

If You Build It, They Still Won’t Read Their Email

Last month, Christine Steger posed an interesting question in the e-Learning group. In her post. “Communications and Change Management Plan for Transitioning to eLearning,” Christine reveals that she’s in charge of developing a Communication and Change Management (CM) Plan. I was struck by just how forward-looking this project is to include this kind of plan.Read… Read more »

How Elearning Authoring Tool Makes Online Training Different From Conventional Training

E-learning has been known to be one of the fastest growing means of education in the modern day world. The advances of the technology have granted all the possible sources to make learning interesting and stress free. The discovery of modern devices has brought the tool of e-learning into the hands of many. Since weRead… Read more »

Designing Digitally, Inc. at DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012! – Are you going?

Designing Digitally, Inc. at DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012! Designing Digitally, Inc. is excited to announce our attendance at the Devlearn Conference & Expo 2012 – to be held this year in beautifully sunny Las Vegas from October 31st to November 2nd. DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012 is a conference devoted to E-Learning development. AsRead… Read more »

Learning is lovely: 12 days of Learning Pool gifts

Starting today, Thursday 1st December until Friday 16th December, we will be giving at least one gift a day away to members of the Learning Pool community as part of our annual 12 days of Christmas festivities. We’re celebrating how lovely learning can be and giving away a range of free resources to help youRead… Read more »

Useful Resources from Learning Pool’s Community Day

Learning Pool are delighted with the benefits gained by our members in attending this year’s Community Day particularly as it encompassed our emphasis on Local Government sharing and collaborating. Below you will find resources from the day including presentations from members of the Learning Pool Community on topics such as Rolling out and delivering e-learning,Read… Read more »

ADL’s Future Learning Experience Project

Today marks the first day of Advanced Distributed Learning’s (ADL’s) Future Learning Experience Project, a major new effort from ADL that returns our organization to its roots in Applied Research & Development in the learning technology space.For those unfamiliar with what ADL is, it is an initiative out of the Office of the Secretary ofRead… Read more »