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Performance Management and Employee Engagement – Every Picture Tells a Story

Despite all the talk of integrated talent management and people management being the hub of engagement, empowerment and the overall organizational environment, we still seem to get bogged down in thinking about key elements of talent management in various HR silos. However, so much is tied together. If you could just open up the treasureRead… Read more »

Stop What You’re Doing — Engage Your Employees!

Agency leaders and managers — stop what you’re doing – focus and engage! You’re looking at a whirlwind of challenges and problems that seemingly feed on each other as you drown in an ocean of HR calamities: It takes too long to hire someone You can’t attract the talent you need New employees are boggedRead… Read more »

Bump up Engagement to Bump up Leadership

It’s a bold new world for today’s federal leaders. Sitting in your office and shouting out edicts to your employees won’t cut it. Particularly with millennials, substantive employee engagement is absolutely necessary for successful leadership. This is true from the critical time of onboarding for a new hire through to an employee’s ongoing employment, developmentRead… Read more »

8 Ways to Help Your Overworked Team

Especially in government, we constantly talk about doing more with less. But most often, those conversations focus on physical resources like office supplies, amenities, or space. And when we do think about the human element, it’s often in detached terms like ‘labor hours’ or ‘workforce supply’. However, if you manage an overburdened team, you areRead… Read more »

What About Employee Engagement?

In the current state of budgets cuts and increasing demands for high-quality services, productivity has become a crucial element of organizational success. How will agencies meet the demands of the current fiscal environment while sustaining the level of performance necessary to enable mission effectiveness? We’ve heard about citizen engagement and how effective it can beRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Creatively combating budget challenges

Our heads are spinning. Inside or outside the beltway, we’re all dealing with budget challenges. Gone are the days of week-long meetings where the entire division comes together to hash out organizational goals and commitments for the coming year. When budgets are cut – and even when they’re not – we must be cost-conscience whenRead… Read more »