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The Federal SES Performance Guidelines Have Begun – Is Your Agency Ready?

In some instances, particular critical elements and performance requirements of senior executives may already be part of the system. If not, or if tweaks or modifications are required, simple configuration changes can be made to accommodate the new elements. It can be as easy as flipping a switch, rather than the historical long, drawn-out process.

How Employees In ‘Mission-Critical Occupations’ View Federal Work

IT specialists are among the most sought after professionals in the federal government, yet they do not give the government high ratings when it comes to recruiting, retaining or training them.

Good Customer Service Starts with the Employee

Government leaders are all hyped about integrating the newest technological innovations into their agency to improve customer service, but we may have forgotten a step or two along the way. Although technological advancements do provide some avenues to bettering the services govies provide to their constituents, we have to remind ourselves about the basics ofRead… Read more »