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Big Changes Are Coming to Federal IT — Are you Ready?

Change isn’t easy, especially when people are involved. It gets even harder when you add to that mix more than $80 billion worth of information technology resources — scattered across multiple program offices, bureaus and departments. That’s how government has operated for decades. But sweeping reforms passed by Congress in December call for an endRead… Read more »

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What the CIO Wants

What do the government’s tech bosses want? George DelPrete, a principal with the professional services network Grant Thornton, has the answers. For the 25th consecutive year, Grant Thornton and the Professional Services Council released their annual federal CIO survey, revealing the issues that concern the government’s CIOs the most. In an interview with Chris DorobekRead… Read more »

10 Ways FITARA Guidance Empowers CIOs — Equally

Nowadays, everyone has an opinion about federal information technology — how projects should be managed and whether chief information officers have adequate authority to do their jobs. The truth is that all CIOs are not empowered equally. Many argue the culprit is not the nearly 20-year-old law that created the position but rather inconsistent implementationRead… Read more »

CIOs Stepping Up To Bat

For CIOs, it’s time to step up to bat. With recent legislation, federal CIOs are getting more influence – but with great power comes great responsibility. In terms of implementing IT changes in the federal government, now more than ever CIOs will be accountable for how the government is performing in its major IT programs.Read… Read more »